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The Almanac

Tales from the Kitchen Garden

noun [ C ] (also almanack) a handbook, typically published annually, that includes information for the year such as important days, weather, seasons and nature.
12 July 2023

Beginners Guide to Growing Veg

So you’re a total newbie and you’ve only got a small space to play with... Fear not, says Group Kitchen Gardener Ollie – just follow his ground rules and you’ll be rewarded with a very satisfying first crop.

22 May 2023

Tales from THE PIG-near Bath’s Kitchen Garden with Zack

This is the time of year every Gardener gets excited about. We are deep in sowing season and if you wander around our Kitchen Gardens you’ll spot our busy team planting across the beds, polytunnels and greenhouses. Over at THE PIG-near Bath, in one of our biggest Kitchen Gardens, Head Kitchen Gardener Zack gives us the inside scoop...

26 September 2022

From Bee to Breakfast Table - our Zero-mile ingredients

We have often spoken about how we prize simple, fresh, and honest ingredients grown and cultivated by our hard-working team in our Kitchen Gardens or sourced from quality local suppliers.

18 February 2022

Kitchen Garden Gurus at THE PIG-at Combe

A sneak peek into our gardening workshops in The Folly with our PIG team and good friend Mark Diacono.

21 January 2022

Sip with Seedlip and THE PIGs this Dry January

Many of us are trying Dry January this year or cutting down a bit this month after the Christmas festivities! We have shared our fantastic cocktail recipes using Seedlip from our Bar Team below so you can sip until your heart is content!

10 January 2022

Winter Tales from the Kitchen Garden at THE PIG-in the South Downs

Head Kitchen Gardener Alex Coutts gives us a sneak peek into the Kitchen Garden at our newest PIG in the litter to see what they are harvesting.

10 February 2021

Down at the bottom of the garden….with Alitex

Our friends at Alitex Greenhouses have been busy sharing all sorts of advice, tips and virtual workshops for their friends to help them with their own gardening and greenhouses and so we wanted to share these with you!

19 May 2020

Flatbreads with Cheesy Wild Garlic Pesto

An easy Flatbread recipe cooks perfectly well in a regular oven - great for spring feasting.

19 May 2020

Garden Centres are Go! What to buy now...

Now that Garden Centres have reopened Ollie, our Group Head Kitchen Gardener lets us know what seeds he is buying to get planting now.

15 May 2020

How to Grow Herbs..A Beginner's Guide

A good assortment of herbs in pots in a sunny place near the house is a great asset for both garden and kitchen!

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