The Almanac

Tales from the Kitchen Garden

noun [ C ] (also almanack) a handbook, typically published annually, that includes information for the year such as important days, weather, seasons and nature.
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10 February 2021

Down at the bottom of the garden….with Alitex


Our friends at Alitex Greenhouses have been busy sharing all sorts of advice, tips and virtual workshops for their friends to help them with their own gardening and greenhouses and so we wanted to share these with you!

14 May 2020

A grape idea! THE PIG's first Vineyard...

Vineyard 1

Madehurst Lodge, soon to be THE PIG-in the South Downs in Sussex, is now the home of the very first PIG planted vineyard!

22 March 2020

Herby Tomato Soup

Resized Soup

All recipes can be found in THE PIG book: Tales and Recipes from the Kitchen Garden and Beyond.