...Down at the potting shed

Within the walled infusion garden, two Potting Sheds have been transformed into treatment rooms offering a range of Piggy massages.

Our guests enjoy massage treatments using Bamford products.

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Treatment Menu

THE PIG Signature Treatment

£150 for 120 minutes
Starting with a cleansing footbath followed by shiatsu, meridian and Swedish massage, this indulgent head to toe treatment invigorates the muscles and energises the body using pressure point massage to the face, neck, shoulders and head. This is a deeply relaxing and uplifting experience.

De-stress Massage

£85 for 60 minutes | £115.00 for 90 minutes
To relieve stress and tension or for pure indulgence, giving you a total sense of relaxation and well-being. This massage is complemented with an organic aromatherapy oil blend to uplift, relax and invigorate. 

Upper Rose Body

£90 for 60 minutes 
A luxurious treatment starting with a warm exfoliation of the back using Bamford's body polish followed by a relaxing back, arm and hand massage with Bamford's chamomile body oil. Finally, a facial massage with a precious blend of rose, lemon and chamomile, leaving you with a sense of complete relaxation. 

Jade Hot and Cold Stone Treatment

£115 for 90 minutes 
Jade is a symbol of purity and serenity. Its chemical composition lends itself to retaining heat and conducting energy. A massage with organic oils is combined with warmed and cooled stones to include face and body.

Deep-Tissue Massage 

£95 for 60 minutes | £125 for 90 minutes
This popular treatment, focusing on major muscle groups and working on areas of tension, reduces chronic pain, stress relief and facilitates the movement of toxins. This is a massage with firm pressure using compressing and stretching techniques, leaving you feeling renewed and revitalised. 


Bespoke Facial

£90 for 60 minutes | £120 for 90 minutes
Using Bamford's natural skincare and concentrated elixirs, this tailormade facial restores, rejuvenates and repairs the skin. A personalised treatment, choose from: Restore: skin is left firmer, lifted and more youthful looking. Awaken: skin is left smoother, more radiant and with an instant glow. Purity: skin is left smoothed, pure and beautifully clear.

Pregnancy Massage

£85 for 60 minutes | £115 for 90 minutes
A treatment tailored to the specific needs of the pregnant woman in her second or third trimester. Designed by an expert in pregnancy yoga, this treatment is based around optimum comfort and support for the expectant mother, creating a deeply relaxing and peaceful experience.

Just for Men

£90 for 60 minutes | £120 for 90 minutes
This treatment has been specially created for the modern man. With a combination of traditional Japanese and Swedish massage, hot stone therapy, acupressure facial and reflexology the treatment encourages blood flow through the body whilst relieving tired muscles.

We also offer a range of express therapies and depilatory treatments on request.

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