THE PIG-in the South Downs Menus

Our menus change twice daily for lunch and dinner service. Take a look at our menu to see what we may be dishing up.
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Wine List

Bar Menu

25-Mile Menu 

Lunch with Friends Menu

2 courses - £29.50
3 courses - £33.50

Plus the chance to WIN a prize from our valued friends and suppliers!

Book your table and enter the promo code FRIENDSLUNCH


Children's Menu

Afternoon Menu

Dessert Menu

Breakfast Menu

Available for staying guests only

Supplier Shout Out

Over the years we have been lucky to support some of the very best local suppliers to each of THE PIG hotels. What ever our Kitchen Garden teams are unable to grow themselves we source from within a 25 mile radius - creating our 25-Mile Menu. We love who we work with and carefully select them so we can be 100% honest on the provenance of our ingredients, and be sure that what we are dishing up is the very best around. Take a look below if you want to support our network and shop local!

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