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Restaurants with rooms

It has been some time since we closed the doors on THE PIGs. 

Over the years we have been growing, cooking, upcycling, rearing…you name it we have tried it.

So now you are all spending a lot more time in your own hideaways, we would love to bring our family and PIG spirit, into your homes. We would love to share with you some of the discoveries, uplifting stories and few ideas for recreating our home-grown experiments yourselves. 

In the coming weeks keep your eyes on your inboxes (sign up below) and Instagram for regular stories and updates from us all.

Keeping you ‘in the GROW’!

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Hampshire . Somerset . Dorset . Devon . Kent . Cornwall

Really restaurants with rooms, our Kitchen Gardens are at the heart of what we do. 

We have an obsessive commitment to home-grown and local produce, and we celebrate the seasons. This means we use only the freshest and most authentic ingredients. 

Our kitchen gardeners work hand-in-hand with our chefs to create menus bursting with simple British garden food.

What we can’t grow or rear ourselves, we source from the local area. This is the foundation of our 25-mile menu.

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Our latest appeal to Boris

Rural hospitality businesses need Govt. support!