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Tales from the Kitchen Garden

noun [ C ] (also almanack) a handbook, typically published annually, that includes information for the year such as important days, weather, seasons and nature.
19 May 2020

Flatbreads with Cheesy Wild Garlic Pesto


An easy Flatbread recipe cooks perfectly well in a regular oven - great for spring feasting.

19 May 2020

Garden Centres are Go! What to buy now...


Now that Garden Centres have reopened Ollie, our Group Head Kitchen Gardener lets us know what seeds he is buying to get planting now.

15 May 2020

How to Grow Herbs..A Beginner's Guide

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A good assortment of herbs in pots in a sunny place near the house is a great asset for both garden and kitchen!

15 May 2020

Applemint Mocktail

Apple Mint

A classic non-alcoholic refresher that can be found on every PIG Bar menu!

15 May 2020

Garden Herb Oil


Our herb-infused oil is perfect for dipping freshly baked bread in, and it goes really well with our home-smoked salt!

15 May 2020

Lex's Garden Mint Mousse

PIG Food Emli Bendixen 168[1]

This is one of THE PIG classics that we have had on numerous menus since we started!

14 May 2020

Foraging this Week - Nettles


Nettles are best harvested from spring, a few weeks after they sprout, into early summer. Try Nettle Salsa Verde and Nettle Cordial with your foraged nettles.

14 May 2020

A grape idea! THE PIG's first Vineyard...

Vineyard 1

Madehurst Lodge, soon to be THE PIG-in the South Downs in Sussex, is now the home of the very first PIG planted vineyard!

01 May 2020

Loving Local : Supporting our Communities

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When we very sadly had to close our hotels in March, our Gardens were just about to flourish but we had no guests to feed. It quickly became clear that our Kitchen Gardens were going to become vital to our local communities over the days and months ahead...

01 May 2020

Tales from the Kitchen Garden - May


May is one of the best months in the garden and is great time for sowing a huge range of vegetables. Here's what our Kitchen Garden teams have been up to this month.

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PIGs Closure

THE PIG hotels will be closed until later this year. 


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