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How to: Make the most of a small garden with Sarah Raven

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Sarah’s small space gardening secrets

Sarah’s small space gardening secrets

Taking the time to plot and plan the look and feel of a small garden can bring so much joy. From introducing unbeatable scent to observing where the sunlight hits, the real secret is making the most of every single bit of space, no matter the size of the outdoor space.

Discover even more top tips from Sarah Raven below…

Sensational scent

Scent is such an important consideration when choosing plants for any small, urban garden. There are loads of excellent providers of fragrance that are loved by pollinators and humans alike. If you’re short on space, these can be potted up outside doorways or in window boxes to make the most of your garden’s footprint.

If you live in a city, choose hardy, drought-tolerant plants such as Lavandula Angustifolia “Hidcote” or a compact Buddleia that will give you bursts of colour and fragrance too.

The wonder of water features

If you’re based in the city, where there’s plenty of traffic and perhaps noisy neighbours, the sound of running water can evoke feelings of calm and tranquillity. Water in the city is equally important to ensure that visiting wildlife such as birds and pollinators have somewhere safe to rest and replenish.

Introduce wildlife with wildflowers

Whether you’re working with a small patio, balcony or urban terrace, planting wildflowers will provide a perfect pitstop for pollinators – bees, butterflies, and moths.

Plants like Betony and Agrimony will flower on until September, and varieties such as wild Marjoram will flower well into October. Wildflowers aren’t just an idea for summer, they also allow you to make the most of temperate climates in the city.

Introducing more spontaneity and looser planting styles is a great project to sink your teeth into. Not to mention that it will also be a hit with the pollinators and passing wildlife too.

Observing the light

If you have a new garden, or you’re still in the planning stage, it’s helpful to spend time in your outdoor space through the seasons to see where the last shreds of sunlight might be, especially in the wintertime.

Concentrate on how and when the sun tracks around your garden before you complete any hard landscaping. It’s important to know how you might like to use the space before making big decisions.

A small table and chair nestled in the early morning light will create the perfect space to rest and reflect or have a fresh mug of coffee. It truly makes a great addition to any outdoor space.

Fancy learning some more? Head over to Sarah Raven's website for extra planting tips and tricks.

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