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Wine Blast - our Podcast Pick

Susie and Peter are Masters of Wine who happen to be married to each other. It’s a strange old household, with a constant soundtrack of clinking bottles and glasses. As TV and radio presenters, event hosts, writers, podcasters, authors and consultants, the pair are renowned for their enthusiastic, thoughtful and articulate style, having been described as, ‘Legends: best in the business’ and ‘What a double act: two stars making a killer constellation.’ 

Familiar faces from presenting on flagship BBC1 show Saturday Kitchen for more than a decade, Susie and Peter’s work encompasses broadcasting, podcasting, journalism, books, consultancy, events and more. 

What is a Master of Wine we hear you ask? Well...disappointingly, it doesn’t involve Jedi powers or bionic tastebuds.  It’s just a qualification you get by passing a series of exams. Admittedly, they are pretty difficult ones – including working against the clock to identify a series of anonymous wines. The pass rate is notoriously low and there are still only about 380-odd Masters of Wine in the world. More people have been into space! 

Susie and Peter also happen to be good mates with Robin, the man behind THE PIGs. So recently he caught up with them on Susie and Peter's podcast  Wine Blast.

In a wide-ranging interview, Robin responds to his critics and outlines how the hospitality business can re-open after lockdown.  A noted wine lover, he also opens up about the new vineyard being planted at THE PIG-in the South Downs. 

What else can you expect? 

  • Why don’t we think rosé should be in clear glass bottles? 
  • Robin Hutson provides Susie and Peter with a rather special ‘quarantine wine’ in this episode, with a lovely story to boot
  • This episode features a ‘disco’ rosé
  • Susie commits the ultimate faux pas of revealing a lady’s age live on air 


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