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Upcycling with Judy

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Despite upcycling being the ‘in thing’ currently and the trendy new name, people have been upcycling for years; using a bit of ingenuity and imagination to turn old bits and pieces into characterful design objects. At THE PIGs we love getting the most out of things that otherwise might have been thrown away and reusing them in new ways. Upcycling is a great way to fill your home with unique statement pieces that will stand out.

Some of our PIG classics that you might have spotted around some of the hotels include…

Apple Crates

Who would have thought there could be different uses for an apple crate, well at THE PIG we use them to showcase our very own PIGGY book as shown below at THE PIG-near Bath. 

You can also add glass to an old crate and use it as a coffee table sideways or as a bed side table end-up.

Vintage Saris

If you have any kind of translucent colourful old sari materials lying about, the material can be used to make unique and atmospheric lamp shades.

Carpenters Bench

Would you believe that our bar at THE PIG-near Bath was once a Carpenters bench donated to us? It fits in perfectly and makes the perfect bar!

Flower Pots

We use small terracotta pots for a huge range of things. These stunning pots can have so many uses from holding stationary to serving chips! We use ours at THE PIGs to serve our delicious chips.

Milk Churns

Milk churns are surprisingly easy to find, they can usually be found at many junk shops and they are the perfect size for umbrellas. You may have spotted around the hotels our lovely umbrella stands using upcycled milk churns. 

Meat Hooks

Meat hooks are also something that are readily available, we like to hang dried herbs on them in our kitchen garden table room at THE PIG-near Bath and THE PIG-at Combe.

Potato Crates

A great way to display herbs or any plants in old vintage pots are potato crates. They are shallow therefore just the right height and perfect for showing off any beautiful pots.

Dolly Tubs

Galvanised vintage washing bins can be repurposed as bedside tables –just add a stone or timber top. Here is one in one of the rooms at THE PIG-at Harlyn Bay.

Garden Tools

Many of us might not even need to go searching for these, you might already have some lying around in the shed collecting dust. In our Potting Sheds at THE PIGs, we like to use hoses and rakes to create simple curtain poles.

Barrel Ends

We have bought huge disused wine barriques in Belgium and mount the tops on simple timber bases to make tables. These fantastic pieces of wood make the most stunning tables. In the Round House at THE PIG-on the beach is a sociable round table made from an ‘up-cycled’ wine barrel end from a French vineyard – perfect for gathering friends and family around.

We hope some of Judy’s amazing upcycling ideas at THE PIGS has inspired you to make the most of any items you may have lying around or anything you might spot in a junk shop.

For more tips on upcycling and interior design, our PIG book – Tales and Recipes from the kitchen garden is packed full of interior design how-tos as well as PIGGY recipes, Kitchen garden tips and more. Buy it here.


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