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Studland, Dorset

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PIG Out & Chill Out!

25 miles of lunch for £25 throughout January and February! Find out more here.

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* Offer available Monday to Friday throughout January and February. This offer is valid from Wednesday 3rd January 2018. Tables up to 6 people maximum. Excludes Half Term Week Monday 12th – Friday 16th February and Valentines’ Day on Wednesday 14th February. Subject to availability.

Tables of 5 or more

If you are booking a group of 5 or more we need credit card details to secure your reservation, but don’t worry we won’t take payment at this time. If you don’t arrive for your booking there will be a no-show fee of £25 per person auto-charged to your card.

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Try THE PIG-at Combe
Nestled in the Otter Valley near Honiton, Devon.
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