To Hell & Back with Hospitality Action

1500 miles for £15,000 on Thursday 10th June - Friday 18th June


An update from our CEO & Chairman, Robin Hutson:

Thanks to our guests, friends, family and suppliers we have hit the ground running and have already hit our £15,000 goal… before we have even got going! We are all completely blown away by your generosity and support so far and we know that Hospitality Action are just as bowled over.

So we have set ourselves a new goal… to reach £22,500 before Friday 18th June - but how are we covering the all-important miles you might ask?

Well, we are never ones to take the easy route, here are just a few of the challenges the teams have set themselves…

  • Supplier Walk - team walk from THE PIG-at Combe to Castlewood Vineyard via Blackberry Honey and Beer Beach to meet the fishing boat (15 miles)
  • A Boozy Pilgrimage Half Marathon (13 miles) - team run between the vineyards and orchards around THE PIG-at Bridge Place
  •  "Swim the Channel" - Water Sports Day for THE PIG-at Bridge Place team at Whitstable (hopefully) covering the distance of channel crossing (19 miles)
  • Lime Wood’s Big Spin – a static bike ridden solidly for 9 hours
  • Team walk from THE PIG-on the beach to THE PIG, New Forest (26.6 miles)
  • Bike Ride from THE PIG-at Combe to THE PIG-near Bath (80 miles)
  • Tour de Pig – a static bike at THE PIG-near Bath ridden for a many hours as possible during the 9 days
To Hell And Back

Team PIG & Lime Wood are going to Hell & Back for Hospitality Action

1500 miles for £15,000

Between Thursday 10th June and Friday 18th June the teams across Lime Wood and THE PIGs will be running, cycling and walking to help hospitality people in crisis.

Hospitality Action have challenged the industry to collectively go to ‘Hell & Back’ and cover the epic 30,693 miles of the virtual round trip to four actual hells on earth: towns called Hell in California, Michigan and Norway; and Hell Creek in Montana.

This industry goes far beyond just a hotel room, it's all about taking care of people and making them feel great, but over the past year, the people who are amazing at looking after others have been some of the hardest hit, so we really feel that it is now our turn to take care of them. The COVID-19 crisis has triggered a real threat to the future of our industry - businesses have closed, thousands of jobs have been lost and countless careers are hanging in the balance. This is a time of uncertainty and fear for many in the hospitality industry and we want to help.

Over the past 180 years, they’ve helped hundreds of thousands of hospitality people who’ve found themselves in difficulty or crisis - from physical illness or mental health issues to financial difficulty, family problems to addiction - Hospitality Action has been there to help get back those in need back on their feet.


So, how are we going to help?

So, between all the teams at THE PIGs and Lime Wood, we are aiming to add to this grand total by covering the ‘virtual’ 1500 mileage of the round trip between all our hotels around the south from Kent to Cornwall and back…and by doing this (all during a busy summer service week in June!) we want to raise £15,000 to donate to Hospitality Action.

Each hotel team will be road and indoor cycling, trail and treadmill running, dog walking, lunchbreak walking and maybe even midnight walking just to get in those miles over those 9 days (even I have committed to run a marathon distance during those 9 days!)…every mile by our participating team members will count, and we would love your support.

How can you get involved?

Every donation to our efforts will be hugely appreciated and will go a long way to helping people in the industry that we are passionate about.

You can show your support of our 1500 mile challenge by donating to either…
• By donating as much or as little as you can to ‘TEAM THE PIGs & LIME WOOD’
• Supporting a friend or family member personally who is participating
• Just helping us to spread the word across social media
• Even just buying us a pint at the end… goodness knows we are going to need it after that!