Post Lockdown PIG

1 Night Getaway - Wednesday 2nd December - from £199


Post Lockdown PIG 

Wednesday 2nd December - one night only from £199

Midday check-in, 2 course lunch, overnight stay and a set of 2 half  bottles of  our brand new THE PIG Cut wine to take home 

It’s our re-opening night, we have rooms waiting to be checked into, the fires ready to be lit and the last of the autumn harvest is perfect for picking. The doors will be opening at midday for your early check-in, so you can make the most of your rooms ALL afternoon and a delicious long lunch will be your only plan! 

Cosy into the night ahead, your first night away for some time, heading home the next day feeling rested and restored and with two half bottles of our brand new THE PIG Cut wine in hand to crack open the minute you get back.


Available on Wednesday 2nd December ONLY at

THE PIG, New Forest 
THE PIG-near Bath
THE PIG-on the beach
THE PIG-at Combe
THE PIG-at Harlyn Bay 
THE PIG-in the wall - (lunch will be a 2 course Deli-Bar lunch in the lounge) 

Not available at THE PIG-at Bridge Place 


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