The Telegraph meets Robin Hutson

November 2, 2016

As written by Rebecca Burn-Callander for The Telegraph.

Robin Hutson is one of the nation’s most accomplished hoteliers. He first made a name for himself running Chewton Glen, the five-star hotel in the New Forest frequented by Kate Moss and Gwyneth Paltrow. After eight years there, he struck out with his own venture, founding Hotel du Vin, arguably Britain’s first boutique hotel, with sommelier Gerard Basset in 1994. Now, he’s at it again with Home Grown Hotels, the company that’s built up five profitable Pig Hotels in as many years.

Hutson is sitting in the conservatory bar at its Brockenhurst site, near the New Forest. Now 59, he’s gone for Sean Connery’s old look: grey hair and stubble, black eyebrows, slight scowl.

Brockenhurst was the first Pig in the litter, opening back in 2011. Next came the tiny Pig in the Wall in Southampton, followed by the Pig near Bath, then the Pig on the Beach and finally the Pig at Combe in Devon.

Hutson owns half of the Home Grown business; the other half is owned by Jim Ratcliffe, the billionaire chemicals entrepreneur-turned-hotelier. Hutson also manages another business on Racliffe’s behalf: the Lime Wood Group, which runs a five-star hotel down the road from the Brockenhurst Pig and also has a sister site in the French Alps.

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