Our top Kitchen Garden tips this Spring

April 14, 2015

Come and see The PIG-near Bath at the Bath and West Show from 27 May until 30 May 2015

We will be there with our pop-up garden where we will be demonstrating our commitment to our fresh, local and foraged produce philosophy by recreating a small portion of our Kitchen Garden and restaurant.

In the meantime enjoy our top tips for your own Kitchen Gardens this Spring

  1. Use everything! All parts of many vegetables are delicious, not just the traditionally harvested ones. Try leaving your cavolo nero and kales to bolt producing a flavoursome alternative to sprouting broccoli.
  2. Reduce spacing between plants – by spacing your plants closer together than you are traditionally advised you can not only produce more plants in a small area but also reduce the amount of weeding and watering, as the dense canopy with reduce evaporation and outcompete the weeds.
  3. Plan your year in advance - by using the winter months to produce a thorough plan of your garden, including sowing, transplanting, and harvesting dates, you can ensure you always have something to harvest and fewer empty spaces appearing throughout the year.
  4. Grow your brassicas in pots - by growing your kales and broccolis in large pots (3l-5l), you can transplant them after pulling out your summer crops to ensure you can continue harvesting well into the winter.