Find out what’s been happening at THE PIG!

December 15, 2015

Catch up with what’s been happening down in our Kitchen Garden and restaurant with our Chef Director James Golding.

"It’s been a busy few weeks on the lead up to Christmas, the chefs have been putting lots of seasonal 'festive' dishes on the menu and all the hotels have seen an influx of trees and beautiful Piggy decorations!

The salad tunnel in the the Kitchen Garden is looking very good and is producing enough for us to use on the menu daily. And the Kitchen Gardeners are getting our greenhouses buzzing with colourful garnishes and baby leaves for the chefs to use on the dishes.

The smoke house is still working hard and more and more guests are choosing my home-smoked Wester Ross salmon over the festive period. We have still found time to experiment so we have been smoking chillies, sea salt and sugar for the bar to use in cocktails!

I’ve spent the past couple of weeks going to our different PIG’s, most of my time is spent in the kitchen with the chefs but this week we’ve all been trying the Christmas menu. This means the chefs have been cooking lots of amazing festive food for us to decide if it needs to be adapted or tweaked in any way. I must say this year the mince pies and christmas puddings have been some of the best we’ve ever produced. The turkey is the best in the area coming from a great small producer over in Fordingbrige called Cobley Farm.

The lead up to Christmas and New Year is always a busy affair but having the wealth of amazing produce available to us it makes it all worthwhile!"

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