CNT reviews THE PIG-at Combe

December 2, 2016

We have had a busy month in the press and one of our many highlights was Condé Nast Traveller’s glowing review of THE PIG-at Combe.

Sally Shalam described her arrival at Combe House as ‘a sense of being spirited back in time’ and said she felt ‘right at home, as though this really isn’t a hotel at all’.

‘While THE PIG may have airbrushed out any unwelcome realities of rural life – muddy floors, rampant weeds, wasps’ nests – I wake up on satin-smooth linen, to birdsong, and feel right at home, as though this really isn’t a hotel at all. I have been successfully, almost imperceptibly, fast-tracked to the rejuvenating joys of the English countryside. More than a restaurant-with-rooms, yet with no pretensions to be a posh country-house hotel, THE PIG has slid into the space between with absolute accuracy. Pack your trainers, a healthy appetite, and get in with THE PIG crowd.’

Check out the full review here.