A Porky treat for Southampton

October 5, 2012

Featured in the Metro - By Jane Mulkerrins

Since it opened last year, The Pig - in the Forest in Brockenhurst, Hampshire, has rapidly gained a reputation for fabulous food as well as warm hospitality, now its city cousin is opening its doors in nearby Southampton, offering bed and breakfast with a difference.

The Pig - in the Wall is a 12-room hotel within the medieval walls by the city's historic docks.

'It sits by an old gatehouse that Henry V marched his troops through on the way to Agincourt,' says Robin Hutson, the brains behind the Pigs, which will extend the litter to Dorset next year with The Pig - on the Beach.

'Southampton is a thriving hub but a lot of the hotels are budget chains,' says Hutson. 'And although we are a B&B, we are the thinking man's B&B.'

The 12 luxurious but homely bedrooms have the same shabby-chic style as The Pig - in the Forest, with assorted furniture, oversized showers, 'larders' stocked with snacks and drinks, and coffee machines. Though the cosy nature of the Tudor building means there is no space for a full restaurant, there is a bar and deli counter, offering charcuterie boards and salads featuring much of the same locally sourced and largely home-grown produce at The Pig - in the Forest.

'Everything we serve is very carefully considered,' says Hutson. 'Every glass of wine on the menu will be exellent.' And for those who fancy a full-scale dinner at the sister hotel 20 minutes away, a Land Rover service will whisk guests into the New Forest.