A nostalgic trip to the Pig on the Beach

June 16, 2014

A review of THE PIG - on the beach as written by Ian Belcher in The Times.

Ian Belcher, travel writter for The Times, visits THE PIG on the beach, in Studland, Dorset along with his wife and toddler, aptly nicknamed pigglet, to enjoy the highlghts Dorset has to be explored. 

As Ian describes whimsical former holidays his reminiscence of past trips combines with an all encompassing review of THE PIG-on the beach. He details aspects of the restautant with rooms that he personaly enjoyed, along with what the hotel can offer a couple or young family. 

If you are thinking of booking a room or table at THE PIG - on the beach, you can do so here: Check Availability

To read the full article click here: Read full article Or below w style="line-height: 1.5em;">e've picked out some of our favourite quotes: 

"This quirky, thriving hotel-restaurant on Studland Bay is the latest piggy in the litter for Home Grown Hotels."

"It’s perfect. Just perfect. I can’t imagine a more appropriate place for my toddler’s first bucket and spade holiday. I’m taking him to the exact spot where, 48 years ago, I enjoyed one of the peachiest breaks of my life. I’m heading back with my memories, my wife and Johnny, aka Piglet..."