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Tales from the Kitchen Garden

noun [ C ] (also almanack) a handbook, typically published annually, that includes information for the year such as important days, weather, seasons and nature.
06 December 2019

Move over Brussel Sprouts… kalettes are on our menu this Christmas


Colin our Head Kitchen Gardener at THE PIG, talks us through the process of planting and growing Kalettes…

05 December 2019

Behind the scenes at Christmas

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Robin Hutson CEO, (the man behind THE PIGs) explains what it is like working at THE PIGs over Christmas!

18 November 2019

Kitchen Garden Gurus – Warming Winter squash

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Kitchen Gardener Roseanna at THE PIG-on the beach has been growing winter squash! The perfect addition to a warm dish for those cold evenings.

01 November 2019

Make the ultimate Roast Pork Belly

Pork Belly (1)

Our new PIG book; Tales and Recipes from the Kitchen Garden and beyond is packed with so many delicious recipes, one of our favourites is the crisp, salty crackling and sweet tender meat that is pork belly!

25 October 2019

Smoked & Uncut 2020 tickets released…


Get ready to step into the colourful world of our summer shindigs; shiny glittery days filled with nostalgic beats and forest feasts!

18 October 2019

Kitchen Garden Gurus- Did someone say Garlic?!


Down at THE PIG-at Bridge Place, Fran has been busy planting (amongst many other things) garlic!

09 October 2019

Get Piste!

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Did you know we have a sister hotel in the snowy alps?

01 October 2019

THE PIG-at Harlyn Bay

Introducing the latest addition to our PIG litter, opening June 2020, THE PIG-at Harlyn Bay!

16 September 2019

Kitchen Garden Gurus - It’s all about the corn!

DSC 4843

Kitchen Gardeners Colin, Emma and Rafal from THE PIG, New Forest talk us through the ups and downs of their sweetcorn planting this year…

05 September 2019

The Hambledon Q&A with Judy


Our lovely friends at The Hambledon sat down with our interior designer Judy to discuss the release of our brand-new book, Tales and recipes from The Kitchen Garden and beyond.

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